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Consultant Quantitative Modeling

Consultant Quantitative Modeling

Nice to see that you are interested in our vacancy for the role of Consultant Quantitative Modeling, Risk Data. On this page, you will find more information about the role, who we are, and why this role might be a good fit for you. Please contact us when you have questions about this role.  You can contact us by sending an email to eduard.backx@risktopics.nl or calling +31637300555.

About you

We are curious about who you are and are excited to meet you. Do you recognize yourself in the following? Then you are the person we are looking for! You are a passionate quantitative modeling consultant in financial services and have knowledge of modeling risks, programming in preferably Python or R and Data extraction. You have the drive to help improve the financial industry and innovate where possible. Next to this, you like a working environment with enough room and freedom to develop new ideas. 

About RiskTopics

RiskTopics is a Risk Management and Compliance consultancy organization based in The Netherlands. We provide a range of Risk Management services and provide our expertise to Banks, Insurance Companies and other organizations in the Financial Industry. RiskTopics is unique in its approach, as our philosophy is based on entrepreneurship, continuous improvement, and innovation. The people of RiskTopics carry out this philosophy and put this into daily practice. The HR policy of RiskTopics is designed to support these ideas and is unique in the financial sector.


We aim for long term relationships with our clients. Excellent service at a fair price. After all, we are happy to meet again. Our mission is to help the financial industry to improve and innovate where possible and as required. Our customers value our approach and as a result, we are growing. RiskTopics is constantly looking for new and bright talent, who can be a good addition to the RiskTopics team. RiskTopics is organized along the following disciplines:


> Risk Data Gathering, Cleansing, Remediation & Modelling
> Modelling & Validation
> Credit Risk Governance, Change, Policy Adherence & Compliance

Our Value Proposition

At RiskTopics we understand the importance of financial risk governance, policies, models and documentation and its ability to withstand the scrutiny of the regulator(s).RiskTopics activities are mainly focussed on Credit Risk, partnering to provide Modeling and Market Risk related services.


With many years of experience in risk management, we stand by our customers in their path to compliance with internal and regulatory requirements. Unlike many other consulting companies we take the responsibility to implement the agreed governance, policies, measures, models. Slide-decks are a means of communication and not the end-product


RiskTopics also assists with improving existing risk systems. If needed, we can supply experienced risk managers who will take control after we have fulfilled our assignments.


Our complex financial world demands a solid risk management strategy, along with best in class risk governance, policies and models. With our extensive experience in risk, we are able to help our clients to create better insights of the alignment of risk appetite on the one hand and governance, policies and models on the other hand. We deliver tailor made and unique solutions for every Risk challenge.

More about the role as Consultant Quantitative Modeling

The recruitment team screens your application on the basis of a CV, motivation letter and list of grades. Do we look like a good match on paper? Then the recruitment team will contact you within 2 days.
Introductory meeting
Match? Then we would like to welcome you to the office. We would love to get to know you through an introductory meeting
Second interview
If the introductory meeting was a success, we would like to plan a second interview with two of our consultants. You will be given a case interview if deemed necessary in the introductory meeting.
If all interviews were succesful, we will present you with an offer!

What you bring as a consultant

As a Quantitative Consultant Risk, IT and Modeling, you have a postgraduate level of working and thinking, interest in technology and interest in the financial markets. You excel at statistics / data analysis and algorithmic optimization / numerical techniques. Programming experience is highly required, preferably in R, C, C# or Python. With an MSc or PhD level in the following areas you would be a valuable colleague: Mathematics, Computer Engineering, Statistics, Econometrics or Physics. Work experience is always welcomed. 


As a Consultant at RiskTopics you have at least a master’s level of working and thinking and you have for example an interest in the financial markets. We work in the area where Risk Management, IT, and Governance come together. Your writings must be technically and legally sound and at the same time accessible and unambiguous. Analytical and communication skills should match both, technical as well as boardroom level. As a personality you dare to be vulnerable, and you are a sociable colleague who likes to work in a team with others.


You are client-oriented and flexible and not afraid of stressful situations. With your entrepreneurial mindset, you show initiative and are willing to innovate. Furthermore, it’s important that you can work independently, that you are accurate and work structured. In the work that you do you see patterns and trends and you take initiative to improve the daily routine processes with your colleagues. You can transfer your knowledge into high-level advice, which helps our clients achieve their goals.

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What we offer

At RiskTopics we offer a more than competitive salary and a profit-sharing scheme that encourages entrepreneurship. We consider personal development essential and that is why we stimulate our employees to develop themselves without a mandatory advancement. After all, we believe that personal development starts with the  employees’ own initiative.

How to apply

If you are interested in this position, we would like to invite you to get in touch with Andrey Malakhov who can tell you all about this job. You can reach Andreyby mail andrey.malakhov@risktopics.nl or by phone +31(0)650231376. Connect on LinkedIn!

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