Risk Topics

De Corridor 21J , 3612ZA Breukelen, The Netherlands



RiskTopics is a risk management and compliance consulting organization. We offer a range of services that are interesting for banks, insurance companies and pension funds. RiskTopics is unique in its approach as our philosophy is based on entrepreneurship, continuous improvement and innovation. The people of RiskTopics carry out this philosophy and put it into practice. The HR policy of RiskTopics is designed to reflect this and is unique in the financial sector. Our people and expertise are continuously ‘under development’  to tune our advice to the dynamic financial markets. We work with the prevailing risk and reporting systems and take the lead with implementation.


RiskTopics maintains lasting relationship with many regulators to ensure that clients are informed about new developments that may have a significance to their organization or objectives.


A strong point is that RiskTopics also assists with improving existing risk systems. If needed, we can supply experienced risk managers who will take control after we have fulfilled our assignments.


RiskTopics activities are mainly focussed on Credit Risk partnerring to provide Modeling and related services for Market Risks as well. is wide, but divided into different sectors. Our services are tailored to the characteristics and current events that are relevant to a specific sector. 


RiskTopics focuses on the following disciplines:


> Modeling Credit and Market Risks
> Governance, Change, and Compliance especially focussed on the above risks
> Risk IT Solutions